Farmers of Rajasthan

Farmers of Rajasthan

The Story of Prem Shankar Galav – Magician of Amlas


Agriculture is that occupation of human race, which is the foundation of all other trades. It embraces earth and fixes man into stationary dwellings, in villages, in towns and cities, and enables the existence of civilizations. Progressive farming ...

The Patidars of


The Jhalawar district is a striking contrast of the conventionally rugged, dusty, sandy terrain of Rajasthan. From climate to environment to agriculture, it stands out distinctively and usually surprises visitors with its lush green forest ...

The Patidars of Jhalawar –
Part II


What is expected from a young IT engineer? Probably a placement in an MNC that ensures a safe bank balance and a luxurious life. Less probable is what happened in a lesser known district’s least known village of Rajasthan ...

Story of the Jhala


Progressive farming is a term used to describe the contemporary version of farming - an assembly of vision and innovation. Agriculture is not just restricted to labour in scorching sunlight but over the time, it has emerged as an entrepreneurial ...

The Garlic


Hadoti belt in Rajasthan is blessed with rich and fertile soil due to the rich geographic inheritance bestowed by Chambal and its tributaries. Fertile medium black soil found in Baran district with its clayey and loamy texture proves to be of high productive ...

The Story of Asia’s largest
coriander market


Often referred as stone city or coriander city, Ramganj Mandi is a city in the Kota district of Rajasthan. It is Asia’s largest market for coriander trading where 6500 tons of coriander seeds have been recorded to arrive on a single day during season ...

Olives in Baran -
A true Story


Intensifying biodiversity is considered the most advanced step of progressive farming. With a promise of increasing agricultural productivity in form of healthier yields it also grows the graph of financial returns and employment opportunities ...

7 Farmers who will change your
perception of Agriculture


How does a story make a difference in our lives? At times it inspires us, while sometimes it becomes our motivation to explore and discover our deeper self and sometimes, it forces us to change our notions. There are thousands of stories we come ...

The Story of empowerment -
Four Farmers of Bundi


How important do you think your roots are? What elements you think make up those roots? Have you ever thought of agriculture as a pivotal factor to any history or civilization? No matter what era, what civilization and what rule; take any period of history ...

The Story of
Medicinal Crops


Agricultural population of India has grown by a whopping 50 per cent between 1980 and 2011, that accounts the highest for any country during this period. While we are still waiting for the second green revolution, many entrepreneurs and progressive ...